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Subway Stinks

May 25, 2008

This entry has nothing to do with taxes. I just need a place to vent.

This letter I just e-mailed to Subway — after reading blog posts by Michelle Malkin, Home Education Magazine and Citizens For Reasonable And Fair Taxes — should tell you everything you need to know:

I hear that Subway is running a story-writing contest dubbed “Every Sandwich Tells A Story” but specifically discriminating against only one category of young people in the contest — home-schoolers. With that in mind, let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time, a family of five, including three home-schooled children, lived two blocks from the Subway shop downtown.

Kimberly, the doting mother and dedicated teacher of Anthony, Elli and Catie, loved to take her children on lunch breaks to Subway during the week and to grab Subway sandwiches to go when the family went on school-related field trips. The family went to the shop so often that the workers knew them as regulars and what they would order as soon as they walked through the door.

Elli in particular loved the sandwiches at Subway so much that she regularly asked to stop at franchises when the family was on the road. For her, the choice always came down to Subway or Taco Bell.

Then one day, the corporate know-nothings at Subway decided to hold a contest and invite their loyal, young customers to write sandwich stories. Elli, a budding young writer whose father, Danny, is a journalist and blogger, was a perfect candidate for the contest. There was just one problem: Subway decided that Elli wasn’t good enough for its contest because she is taught by her mother — her mother, can you believe that?!

Danny was outraged when he read the news on the blog and in Home Education Magazine. Kimberly couldn’t believe it, either. They decided right then and there to write a pointed letter to the head sandwich honchos and, if necessary, never to eat at Subway again.

Elli was OK with that because she had another favorite. And so the entire family went to Taco Bell and lived happily ever after.

Subway’s nonsensical decision to exclude home-schoolers is all the more infuriating to those of us here in Virginia, which has a large home-schooling population and a whole lot of Subways. It’s the exact opposite mindset of the local roller-skating rink, which has a dedicated skating day for home-schoolers every Friday.

I hope Subway wakes up and reverses its policy for the writing contest, but I’m more than willing to sacrifice the occasional meatball sub to make an important point.