What Whoopi Said: ‘Back Off Me!’

An anti-tax rant from the mouth of actress and talk-show hostess Whoopi Goldberg:

“I don’t mind payin’ a little more tax ’cause I make a good living. But I don’t wanna get it comin’ and goin’. I don’t wanna get the federal raised, and then the state raised, and then the phone tax raised, and then the television tax raised, and then the city tax. Back off me!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. (Hat tip to the National Taxpayers Union)


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2 Responses to “What Whoopi Said: ‘Back Off Me!’”

  1. The Enlightened Redneck » What Whoopi Said: ‘Back Off Me!’ Says:

    […] at my anti-tax blog, Taxation With Representation addthis_url = […]

  2. Stop Pushing The Tax Button - Columns - American Issues Project Says:

    […] enough to make taxpayers scream. Even liberals like Whoopi Goldberg are sick of government officials at all levels whose first budgetary impulse is to tax their way […]

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