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Give Me A Brake!

December 18, 2008

Make that two brakes for the front of our Toyota Sienna. I took the car to the shop tonight for a quick and cheap oil change but ended up spending more than $325 to replace the front brakes. They were almost below the legal limit and would have failed inspection in January anyway.

Thankfully, the tax tab was only $2.81 because most of the work involved labor rather than parts.


North Carolina Plans Mileage Tax

December 18, 2008

Give politicians enough time and they’ll find 100 different ways to tax each and every good and service in the American economy. North Carolina’s call for a mileage tax based on how far people drive is the latest proof. The mileage tax would be an add-on to the regular gas tax.

Tax Hiker Of The Year

December 17, 2008

New York Gov. David Paterson wins the award for this laundry list of items he has proposed taxing:

  • — Downloaded music — the “iPod tax”
  • — Cable and satellite television
  • — Movie tickets
  • — Taxi rides
  • — Massages
  • — Tobacco and alcohol

And that’s just a sampling of the 80-plus new fees and taxes on his list. Paterson also is the brains behind the call for an “obesity tax” on soda. Yet another reason to be thankful that I live in Virginia.