The Tax Maker

Most people know Arnold Schwarzenegger as “The Terminator” from his days in Hollywood, but by the time he leaves office as governor of California, he may be remembered instead as “The Tax Maker.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Schwarzenegger appears ready to follow the hypocritical lead of supposedly anti-tax Republicans in the state by tripling the fees for vehicle registration. The man he replaced as governor, Gray Davis, supported the same idea and was removed from office.

But Schwarzenegger doesn’t want to stop there. He wants to impose a Fido fee on pets, too, by applying the Golden State’s sales and use tax to veterinary services. Those taxes also would be added to appliance and furniture repair, vehicle repair, and golf.

If you live in California, you’ll be lucky to see any good or service free of new or heavier taxation when The Tax Maker leaves office. Maybe Aunt Virginia ain’t so bad after all.

(Hat tip to Michelle Malkin)


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