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Bailouts, Bailouts Everywhere

October 22, 2008

And rest assured that your taxes will go up eventually as the government keeps trying to save us from bankers who gave bad loans and greedy Americans who took them — and us — for every penny they could.

With that in mind, it’s worth your time to check out the new Web site You can sign a petition against any more bailouts.


Take Me Out To The Tax Park

October 13, 2008

Via The Club For Growth, I learned this bit of tax news from Chicago:

Chicago sports fans, movie mavens, concertgoers and theater patrons will pay more to attend live events — and so will those who park their cars in garages and surface lots — under a $25 million revenue package tied to Mayor Daley’s 2009 budget.

Daley tied his own hands by promising to close a massive budget gap without raising property taxes on the heels of last year’s record $83.4 million increase.

But he didn’t promise to hold the line on all other taxes and fees.Today, aldermen were told that the city’s two-tiered amusement tax would be going up — from 4 [percent] to 5 percent for mid-sized venues and from 8 [percent] to 9 percent for large sporting venues.

Just another reminder that liberals will always find a way to raise some tax, or make up a new one, even when they promise to hold the line or cut others.