Gouged By Soccer Bureaucrats

The tax-and-spenders in government have nothing on the amateur bureaucrats who run the Northern Virginia Soccer League, where our two older children have played the past few years. They just jacked up the price for playing from the $70 we paid for the spring season to $96 for the fall.

My wife, Kimberly, is as furious about that 35 percent fee hike as I am. We’ve griped to each other for years about the exorbitant $70, wondering what it covered. Now they’re charging even more — and the cheapskates don’t even buy any trophies for the kids from those fees.

We paid quite a bit less for our kids to play soccer in another the league when they were younger, but we changed leagues to save on gas and time. We’ll stay put for now because with gas now almost double what it was when we changed leagues, it’s still be cheaper even with the pay hike. But I’m going to do some digging to see what I can learn about how the league is spending its money.


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