New Taxes In The Old Dominion?

I used to think Virginia, my current home, and West Virginia, my birthplace and dream forever home, were quite different places. Western Virginians, in fact, used the Civil War as a good excuse to achieve a split that had been in the making for decades. The people on the two sides of the Appalachian Mountain range had very little in common.

Now that Democrats are in power again in Virginia, though, there ain’t much difference between west and east. This kind of news from the Old Dominion sounds an awful lot like the news I used to read regularly (and write as a journalist) when I lived in the Mountain State:

The Virginia Senate voted along party lines Wednesday to raise the gas tax by 6 cents, but officials in both parties say the measure has almost no chance in the House of Delegates, leaving many legislators to wonder whether any plan to pay for transportation will be resolved in the current special session. …

Senate Democrats ignored a proposal by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D), approving a plan that would raise the gas tax over the next six years, increase the statewide sales tax by 0.25 percent and boost the tax on vehicle purchases by 0.5 percent. Together, the taxes would raise $452 million annually.

That’s two different proposals with the same underlying answer: tax and spend. Makes me wanna move to Montana.


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