Taxing The Clothes On Our Backs

When I was a child, my mother rarely bought clothes for herself. She much preferred spending the spare money our family could budget for clothes on my three brothers and me — and sometimes Dad.

Kimberly is much the same way now. She jumps at the chance to buy clothes for our son and two daughters, and likes me to splurge when I get the urge (rarely) for a new outfit, but she doesn’t tend to shop for herself often.

This month, thankfully, she has been having fun spoiling herself, too. She works hard and I wish she’d spend more money on the clothes I know she loves.

The downside is that we have to pay more taxes. This month alone, we have spent nearly $8 in taxes just to put clothes on our backs.

And we paid a bit more for some of those clothes than we normally would have because we were on the road. The sales-tax rate in West Virginia, where I bought clothes for our camping trip next month, is 6 percent, and it’s 7 percent in neighboring Kentucky, where Kimberly finally broke down and bought herself a new outfit.

But hey, at least we’ll look good in our new outfits.


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