Dying Of Tax Thirst

You can’t even get a drink these days without the government seeing it as another opportunity to collect taxes.

First, there is the news out of California about a Democratic assemblyman pushing a plan to tax beer at the rate of 1,500 percent. I’m a lifelong tee-totaller so this kind of tax wouldn’t affect me even if some looney lawmaker in my home state of Virginia made the idea his own, but 1,500 percent? That’s insane!

It also has college Republicans riled up in California. They confronted the lawmaker about his idea and posted video of the encounter on YouTube.

Across the country in Maine, there is a more outrageous plan to tax soda because it’s bad for you. Under a bill that the governor of the state just signed, two liters of carbonated consumption will cost Mainers an extra 22 cents.

As the Tax Foundation notes in its blog, this kind of tax is an outgrowth of the “sin tax” movement that began with the assault on tobacco — yet another reason to hate all sin taxes.


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