Road Trippin’

I made a trip to Atlanta last week for a work-related conference. It’s a 10-hour drive and I hate to fly, so I drove and was able to take Kimberly and the kids with me.

My company paid most of the tab, save for food and tourism for the family. I didn’t include the taxes my company paid in the weekly tax bite, but I wanted to make note of it in a separate entry just to give readers a sense of how much travel can add to the expenses their companies pay.

The tax tally for my Atlanta trip:
— Hotel (Courtyard Marriott in Buckhead): $76.50, for three lousy nights!
— Gas in South Carolina (35.2 cents a gallon): $9.60
— Gas in Virginia (38 cents a gallon): $5.35
— Food: $2.39

Most of my food was covered as part of the Heritage Resource Bank I attended. Taxes most certainly were paid on those meals as well, but I have no way of calculating them.

In any case, the Media Research Center is out somewhere around an extra $100 just because of the taxes accrued on one work-related trip. Imagine the tax bite taken out of companies across America every year because of travel. The number has to be astounding.


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