The Tax Hiker Of Chicago

If you’re Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, you can’t get just one tax hike and not want more and more. The addiction is too strong … can’t … fight … it:

Four months after pushing through the largest property tax increase in Chicago history, Mayor Daley warned homeowners and businesses on Wednesday to brace for yet another tax hit for the Chicago Public Schools.

Daley said the Board of Education needs $180 million in new state funding “to invest in new programs students need” or the only option will be to raise property taxes.

Eleven times in the last 13 years, Daley has given the Board of Education the green light to raise property taxes to the maximum allowed by the cap. The increase was $55 million in each of the last two years.

On Wednesday, the mayor warned of another tax-to-the-max school budget — even after $90 million in additional spending cuts — unless Gov. [Rod] Blagojevich sweetens the pot.

Why is it again that they keep electing Daleys in Chicago?


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