Render Unto Uncle Sam And Aunt Virginia

The men in our congregation have been gathering one Saturday morning a month for devotionals. We also usually go out for breakfast at the IHOP near the church building after we meet.

Today was the day for this month’s devotional, and we made that breakfast run. I ordered the breakfast sampler, a feast that added 41 cents to our family tax bill. The good news is I won’t be hungry the rest of the day.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain about taxes after a Bible study. After all, Jesus himself said to “render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s.” Uncle Sam prints the money, so he and Aunt Virginia are entitled to their cut.

On the other hand, God blessed America with a democracy that gives us the freedom of speech — and the freedom to blog. Unlike Caesar, Uncle Sam and Aunt Virginia welcome whining and complaining. I wouldn’t want to disappoint them.


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