I Always Vote ‘No’ On Tax Initiatives

So should the voters of Shrewsbury, Mass.

Stand firm. Don’t let the bureaucrats browbeat you into higher taxes by throwing ballot initiative after ballot initiative at you until you finally cave:

Even though they have rejected every request for a Proposition 2-1/2 override put before them, Shrewsbury voters will again be asked to approve a $1.5 million proposal that would eliminate some school fees and potentially save jobs.

The call for the tax increase is slated for the May 6 town ballot.

Last May, a $5 million override was narrowly rejected, 5,568 to 5,160, in an election that drew 52 percent of Shrewsbury’s registered voters. In 2004 and 2005, overrides were rejected by large margins. The town has never approved raising taxes by overriding Proposition 2-1/2, a state law that limits annual increases to 2.5 percent of a community’s total tax levy.


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