Tax News Roundup

I didn’t find the time to blog the tax news last week, so here’s a roundup of links to some of the tidbits sent my way via Google news alerts:

Gas taxes aren’t high enough for Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich. His twisted fantasy is to raise them 50 cents a gallon. But his ultimate goal is to cut gas consumption, so that’s OK, right? More frightening are the polls results showing that “28 percent would pay up to 50 cents [a gallon] more, 10 percent would pay more than 50 cents and 8 percent would pay more than a dollar.” Are those people insane?

— Ah, the old raise-fees-instead-of-taxes shell game. Politicians sure do love to play it.

— Residents of Montgomery County, Md., here in the D.C. region are facing a jump in property taxes of as much as 8 percent. Residents in neighboring Prince George’s County also could see higher taxes.

— There must be something in the New Jersey water. In Swedesboro, higher taxes could cost residents another $400 a year. The school board in Salem wants to increase the school tax rate by 4 cents. And East Brunswick is seeking a state waiver so it can increase a proposed tax levy. But wait, is it true that Middletown is actually thinking of trimming taxes? What a bunch of mavericks!

— Fort Wayne, Ind., Mayor Tom Henry wants to raise local income taxes on his constitutents.

— Mayor John Moak of Newburyport, Mass., is eyeing a presumably temporary tax hike to cover school costs and “other” projects. Temporary — yeah, right.

— Think your taxes are bad? Have sympathy on the folks who live in Princeton, Wis., where the bureaucrats want to slap a tax hike of 87 percent on residents.

— Here’s a bit of encouraging news, at least from the perspective of an anti-tax guy like me: “Despite the dire [budget] conditions, only a handful of states are seriously considering general tax increases or even modest hikes on the wealthy to close the gaps. Lawmakers say they fear such actions would only further stress the economy.” Guess what they’re doing instead? Cutting spending. What a novel idea!

— More good news: New Castle County Executive Chris Coons is taking a break from two straight years of tax hikes. Officials in Hopkinton, Mass., actually voted against a tax hike. And some people in Virginia will get a tax-hiking reprieve, too.

Big Government a victim? I don’t think so. (Hat tip to Marginalizing Morons)

— I like to see bureaucrats looking for ways not to increase taxes further instead of the opposite.

— Smart voters like those in Loveland, Ohio, just say no to tax hikes — even when it means cutbacks at schools.


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