Virginia Taxes On A West Virginia Delicacy

Launch day finally arrived!

I changed jobs earlier this year, becoming the executive producer of a video-sharing site and social network called after my layoff at Technology Daily. The site was pretty much built before I signed on as the editorial leader, but the techies have been putting final touches on it the past several weeks while I expanded the content. Today, we started promoting the site.

It’s the kind of milestone that demands a celebration and my parents happen to be in town. Yesterday, I asked my Mom to make a West Virginia delicacy from my youth, pepperoni rolls, so I can introduce my co-workers to the treat. Kimberly also made a cake that Mom decorated with the Eyeblast logo.

Most Virginians have never heard of pepperoni rolls, but because we bought the ingredients in the Old Dominion, Aunt Virginia got to collect the taxes on the delicacy of her younger and better sister state. The taxes came to $1..02.

It was worth it. The pepperoni rolls were a hit with my co-workers who mustered the courage to try something new, and the cake hit the sweet spot for the rest of them. Thanks, Mom and Kimberly!


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