Yes, We Can … But Maybe We Shouldn’t

“Yes, we can” — Barack Obama has embraced that inspirational refrain to convince Americans that he is the man to “change” America and heal it of all of its woes.

But when it comes to actually spending the money to implement his fixes — and undoubtedly increasing the taxes on those unsuspecting dupes who buy into his rhetoric — Obama doesn’t want to go on record supporting his own ideas. Neither does anyone else in the U.S. Senate.

By a vote of 97-0 this week, the chamber rejected a budget amendment that would have funded every policy proposed by Obama on the presidential campaign trail — $1.4 trillion over five years, including $65 billion a year for Obama’s universal healthcare program, $10 billion a year to eliminate income taxes on lower-income seniors (that’s a good idea, by the way) and $6.6 billion a year to expand the Army.

There clearly was a political element to the debate over the amendment. It was offered by a Republican with the goal of embarraassing Obama and even that Republican didn’t vote for the amendment. But I’d say it accomplished its goal.

Obama’s new slogan should be, “Yes, we can … but maybe we shouldn’t.”


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