Beware Those Expensive ‘Prep Foods’

I just discovered another of those hidden taxes, and it’s a doozy.

Kimberly was in a rush to get dinner before Bible study this evening. She didn’t have time to cook, so she bought some prepared chicken at the Bloom grocery store. Here’s the lesson we learned: Convenience doesn’t come without taxation.

First, Aunt Virginia treated that chicken, which the last I checked was a food, as something other than food. We paid the 5 percent “non-food tax” instead of the 2.5 percent “food tax.” (I’m not making this up; it says it right on the receipt.)

Even worse, the extra 10 cents on $4 worth of chicken wasn’t enough to whet Aunt Virginia’s tax appetite. We had to pay another 4 percent (16 cents) for something called the “prep food tax.” It sounds like the kind of fee snooty kids have to pay at prep school, but everyone pays it in the Old Dominion.

Is this normal across the country? Anyone else out there paying an extra tax on “prep foods” in grocery stores?

I know one thing: We’ll think twice about buying such foods in the future. Today’s dinner cost us 26 cents more because of some bureaucrat decided to get creative.


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