Uncle Barack And Aunt Hillary

The antagonists of this blog are Uncle Sam (the federal government) and Aunt Virginia (the commonwealth where I live). Their bureaucracies are responsible for sucking money out of our family budget at exorbitant rates.

But things will get much worse if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton are elected president. Keep this in mind before you go to the polls this fall, remembering that taxation with representation is useless if we don’t keep the taxers and spenders out of office:

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both campaigning on economic policy platforms promising enormous, unprecedented, historic increases in runaway government spending, to be financed with huge, record setting, historic tax increases. Is this what our economy needs, just when it may be tipping into recession, and facing the stiffest world competition in decades?

All projections show that America can’t afford all the entitlement promises we have already made, with current programs causing federal spending to explode over the next 30 years from 20% of GDP today to close to 40%. Foolishly and irresponsibly, the twins just propose still more entitlements.


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