The Tax Hikers Of New Jersey

There are many reasons I wouldn’t want to live in New Jersey. The rampant tax-and-spend mentality of government leaders there is one of the better ones. It’s an addiction:

Though he lasted in office for just three years before resigning in disgrace, former governor James McGreevey hiked taxes and fees 33 times. [Jon] Corzine’s first year in office featured a whopping $1.2 billion sales-tax hike, with half of the money going into property-tax relief and the rest into a bulging state budget.

The taxing and spending has transformed New Jersey into one of the nation’s most inhospitable places to do business. Once a low-tax state (a study in the early 1960s placed it 40th among the states in tax burden), Jersey is now ranked the second-worst business-tax environment in the country by the Tax Foundation. Other surveys of state business climates consistently rank Jersey among the worst places to operate, one reason why the state’s economy, which for years outperformed the national average, has lagged since 2000.


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