Nailed By A Neighbor

I was in a car accident this morning. A 17-year-old from the neighborhood who was rushing to school for annual testing ran a stop sign two blocks from our house and rammed into the front end of the car on the driver’s side.

My 1997 Toyota Corolla is totaled; I’m banged up a bit but apparently fine. I was taken to the hospital because of shoulder, neck and back pain, and I also felt abdominal pain when the doctor pressed on my left side. But CT scans and an X-ray showed no damage to bones or major organs. I’m just really sore.

I’m also obsessing about the taxes the government will get to collect because of this accident. I’ll have to buy a new car, for starters, and I imagine the other driver’s family will, too. Presumably, there also will be taxes and/or fees on the health care required because of the accident.

There are indirect taxes, too. For instance, our cable is out today and I’ll be recuperating from the soreness at home for a couple of days, so my wife and I went to Blockbuster and rented some movies to get through the day. The tax tab was 86 cents.

When the airbag deployed into my face, furthermore, it smashed my sunglasses and cut my eye. I bought a replacement pair and a backup pair for me to wear when in my wife’s car, while at CVS to get my pain prescription filled. The taxes on that purchase totaled $1.12.

Thankfully, the young neighbor who nailed my car accepted liability for the accident. He ran a stop sign at an intersection where I had none. So my ultimate tax bill for the accident will be much less than it could have been and the rate for my car insurance won’t increase.

Most of all, I’m just glad to be alive. Had I been traveling just a little faster, I would have taken a direct hit on the driver’s side from a car traveling at least 25 miles per hour — and my car did not have side airbags.


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