A Wacky Plea For More Taxes

Wanna know why this blog exists? Read no further than this nonsense by columnist Alan Lupo in The Salem News:

No politician of any stripe wants to hike taxes any more than we lust to pay them. But at some point American citizens, and those who want our votes, must dispense with the myth that all we need do is excise a little corruption here and a little inefficiency there, and we’ll have all the money we need to do all that must be done. …

Given what appears to be a looming recession, the federal government must belly up to the bar with fiscal relief. If Bush fails to do this, the problem will appear on the plate of whoever succeeds him. Should that be McCain, he will rue his no-tax pledge just as the elder Bush did in 1990 when he had to face up to a federal budget deficit left by the Reagan administration.

Wake up, Mr. Lupo. There is more than “a little corruption” in government, and more importantly, there’s an insufferable amount of bureaucratic inefficiency.

Throw on top of that the pork-barrel spending, handouts that encourage irresponsible behavior and every manner of overbearing regulation imaginable, and there’s plenty of room to cut budgets instead of raising taxes.

There are very few “necessary services” that the government needs fund — especially the federal government. I’m all for paying taxes to defend this country, the most important governmental role envisioned by the wise men who created American democracy. Transportation is pretty important to interstate (and international) commerce, too.

But beyond that, please stop telling presidential wannabes like John McCain that it’s OK to pick my pockets. You’re free to more of your money to the government, but please stop volunteering mine to Uncle Sam.


One Response to “A Wacky Plea For More Taxes”

  1. The Bitch Girls Says:

    […] Pay Up. Seriously, I’m sick of these people who want higher taxes telling us we need to pay them.  What ever happened to leading by example? […]

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