The Tax Hikers Of Minnesota

Folks in the Gopher State can’t dig a hole deep enough to keep the bureaucrats their from forcing them to dig deeper into their wallets in order to fill state coffers:

Minnesotans will pay an extra $6.6 billion over the next decade in extra taxes after the legislature voted to override the governor’s veto of the transportation bill.

Some reactions from the taxpayers:
— “I often pay over $1,000 a week in taxes. … Devils like you would like me to pay even more. … You are a disgusting filthy animal.”

— “I don’t know where the money is going. I don’t believe ’em; I don’t trust ’em at all.”

— “This guy gets a cut. This guy gets a cut. The legislator votes themselves in a raise. They get more per diem. Where is it going?”

— “It’s always, ‘We need more money,’ “because making the difficult decisions alienates somebody. And in a state where everybody wants to be liked, it’s hard to make a difficult decision.”

So watcha gonna do about it, Minnesotans? If you’re smart, you’ll throw every last one of the bums who voted to increase your taxes out of office the next time you go to the polls. It’s up to you to give the phrase “taxation with representation” some meaning.


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