Taxing Possibilities In New Hampshire

Pointed words for New Hampshire’s governor from the Union Leader in Manchester:

Gov. John Lynch is effectively giving tax-happy legislators the green light to go ahead and pass them this year.

Gov. Lynch twice this month gave a major speech addressing the state budget shortfall and both times failed to tell legislators he would oppose tax hikes. We contacted Lynch’s office for his position on tax hikes, and his spokesman, Colin Manning, wrote us this answer:

“The governor has said he is going to focus on spending and reviewing expectations and estimates on existing revenues. He is meeting with agency heads and will be presenting a plan to the fiscal committee to ensure that we end the biennium with a balanced budget.”

Sounds like the governor is open to tax increases, all right.


2 Responses to “Taxing Possibilities In New Hampshire”

  1. The International House of Bacon » Blog Archive » Thursday Morning Links Says:

    […] Gov. Lynch makes his case against re-election in November. God, if I didn’t know of Deval Patrick, I’d say that New Hampshire has one of the […]

  2. pajkaki Says:

    And here I thought New hampshire was the last bastion of a (semi-) tax free society!! Foolish me!!

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