Save The Fish, Tax The People

The cost of drinking water in Southern California could jump as much as 14.3 percent thanks in part to a federal court’s attempts to save fish.

The North County Times in the San Diego/Riverside area reports that an official with the Los Angeles-based Metropolitan Water District cited an August ruling aimed at protecting the habitat of Northern California’s tiny Delta smelt. The Quagga mussel that has invaded the water supply also is clogging pumps and equipment. And electricity is more costly.

It’s a triple tax whammy — and it would come on top of a 5.8 percent increase a year ago.

I love this tax-hiking rationale from Encinitas Counciman Jim Bond, who said many people might not notice the increase because water is cheaper than other utilities: “[W]hen you think that an average family uses half an acre-foot of water a year, that $25 per acre-foot is not an egregious amount.”

I’m not so sure Americans will agree when they find themselves in poverty by a thousand tax hikes.


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