The Tax Hikers Of Columbus

Aunt Virginia wants to take more money from my wife and me — and city officials in Columbus, Ohio, want to take more from the neighbors of Kimberly’s parents (the story provides a nice history lesson on local taxation):

For the first time in a quarter-century, Columbus is headed for a debate over increasing the city income tax.

Mayor Michael B. Coleman last week appointed a panel to examine the city’s expense and revenue structures and recommend improvements. The big item for discussion will be whether to seek voter approval to increase the income tax, whose rate has been 2 percent since Jan. 1, 1983.

Aren’t you glad you live in the suburbs, Dad Johnson (I know you’re reading — and I’m glad you are)?


2 Responses to “The Tax Hikers Of Columbus”

  1. pajkaki Says:

    I knew this article would get your attention, even if you don’t get the Columbus Dispatch. It was all over the front page. What I found especially interesting was that fees make up a large part of the city budget, yet they are talking about raising the city income tax (already at 2%). Luckily I’m not subject to it, since I’m retired. Anyone interested can read the entire article at Dad

  2. westtnliving Says:

    ouch! glad there is no income tax here, but we do have a regressive, 9.75% sales tax and yearly state budget deficits instead.

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