Double-Whammy At The Gas Pump

Both of our cars were thirsty this week. We pumped 9.6 gallons into my Corolla and nearly 16 gallons into the Sienna. At 38 cents a gallon, the tab was $73.45, including $9.71 for gas.

That really is outrageous when you think about it. Every time we have to fill up our two cars, Uncle Sam and Aunt Virginia (or her cousins across America when we’re traveling) get about $10 in taxes.

After blogging is complete this year, I’ll have a hard number to give readers about how much we pay for gas taxes. But a conservative estimate at this point, based on how much my wife and I drive, is $400 a year. That’s about two-thirds of what we pay each month to feed our family of five!

And Aunt Virginia wants to rob us of even more of our income to feed her revenue appetite. Just say no to taxation with representation!


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