New Taxes In The Old Dominion

This one is personal: The tax hikers of Virginia’s General Assembly are knocking at the door for more of our money.

The state Senate yesterday voted 25-15 to increase the state tax on gasoline by a penny a year over the next five years. That means we’d be paying 43 cents a gallon instead of the current 38 cents — and that’s assuming that federal and local officials don’t increase the tax burden on gases even further.

I’d like to blame it on the fact that Democrats now control the Virginia Senate, but I voted against tax-hiking Republicans in the state during a primary not long ago. Most politicians are rotten to the core when it comes to taxes these days. We voters can’t trust any of them to keep their grubby paws off of our greenbacks.

That’s why incumbent lawmakers rarely get my vote. Most of them betray their principles and/or break their promises soon after they join “the system.”

In Virginia, lawmakers are adding tax insult to economic injury. As John J. Miller noted at The Corner: “Painfully high energy prices? An economy on the brink of recession? The Virginia Senate knows just what to do:” Raise taxes.


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