A Perfect Occasion For A Tax Rant

I’m just a week into my new job at the Media Research Center and already enjoying the perks, like last night’s invitation to the annual Ronald Reagan Banquet at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Kimberly joined me for the occasion.

She’s more into those kinds of high-falutin’ parties than a redneck like me. My idea of a “gala” is drinking a caffeinated soda with my pizza while I kick back in my recliner on a Friday night.

Of course, Kimberly just had to buy new shoes for the shindig, and guess who was waiting at the Marshalls checkout for her cut of the retail tab? Yep, Aunt Virginia. She’s now $2.65 richer.

I can’t help but rant about that tax because we spent a good chunk of the evening listening to fellow conservatives rant about taxes and other bureaucratic sins. A grand time was had by all!

I even stepped out of my curmudgeonly character near the end of the banquet. A surprised Jessica Echard, the executive director of the Eagle Forum, won this year’s Ronald Reagan award and credited her success in Washington at a young age to her upbringing in West Virginia.

I just had to let loose with a “Wooooo!” right there in the banquet room when I heard Echard praise the great Mountain State heritage we share. As it turns out, she’s from Glenville, W.Va., and went to college in Marietta, Ohio, about an hour south of my hometown of Paden City.


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