The Tax Benefits Of Changing Jobs

I finished a seven-year stint at National Journal’s Technology Daily last week due and started a new gig at the Media Research Center today. I’m happy to report some tax benefits from the job change.

The benefits weren’t built into the tax code by friendly bureaucrats, mind you; they’re just the result of me working in Alexandria, Va., instead of Washington, D.C. But hey, a tax break is a tax break. I’ll take it any day.

The first benefit is that I’m driving all the way to work now instead of taking the capital region’s subway system for part of my commute, so the fare hike that took effect just weeks ago no longer will affect me.

I don’t know yet whether I’ll benefit in the long run because I’ll be consuming more gasoline and thus paying more in gas taxes. That said, Metro’s outrageous fee hike irked me so I’m glad that I don’t have to pay it anymore.

The price of eating lunch out also went down because the taxes on restaurant grub in Alexandria are only 8 percent — 62 cents on top of my pricey tab of $7.79 for a Cosi salad today — compared with 10 percent in the District.

At the same time, the tax on my lunch was enlightening. There must be some extra local tax in Alexandria on top of Aunt Virginia’s penalty for eating out because we “rednecks” in Manassas only pay 5 percent. The uppity folk of Alexandria have to pay more for that same luxury.

Yes, you guessed it, I’ll be taking my lunch more often than not.


One Response to “The Tax Benefits Of Changing Jobs”

  1. elfninosmom Says:

    Congrats on the new job. 🙂

    I wrote an entry about your blog on everyday taxes, and have added you to my blogroll, because I suspect the average person pays more in hidden taxes than they do in income taxes. For that reason, I’ll be very interested to see how much you will have paid at the end of the year.

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