The Car Inspection Rip-Off

You may recall my recent post about the taxes we paid on our Toyota Sienna when we bought it a year ago this month. Well, that one-year anniversary means Aunt Virginia is waiting for another handout, this time in the form of the annual vehicle inspection.

There goes another 26 bucks down the bureaucratic drain.

I appreciate the rationale behind inspections. We don’t want people driving cars that are unsafe or unnecessarily pollute the environment. But in the quarter-century that I’ve been on America’s highways, I’ve only had a car fail inspection two or three times at most — and usually because I’ve been lax in getting the brakes changed or doing other regular maintenance. I’ve never had a serious problem revealed in an inspection.

So why do we have to go through the hassle every year? Do you really need to ask? The explanation is the same for fees like the annual inspection as it is for taxes: The government wants our money to work its fiscal madness.


One Response to “The Car Inspection Rip-Off”

  1. pajkaki Says:

    Here in central Ohio we have no vehicle inspection requirement. Not safety, not emissions not any kind!! I understand they have them in Cincinatti and Cleveland.

    The point being, I have never heard of increased accidents due to safety failures or higher air pollution due to exhaust emissions around Columbus.

    Danny’s right, its just another way the state has of getting its hand in your pocket. Who knew??

    I guess this is one for you to…just grin and bear it!!!

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