‘We Don’t Want Your Stinking Income Tax’

I like Mark Kiesling, a columnist for The Times newspapers in northwest Indiana. I’ve never met him or even read his column before today, but he won me over with this rant against the bureaucrats in Lake County, Ind., who want to create a local income tax:

Less than a month after it was defeated, a proposal to resurrect the 1 percent income tax for Lake County is back on the table, so I guess some lawmakers are too dense to have gotten the message.

Here’s a version even they may understand:

Yo, pal, I’m talkin’ to you! What part of “we don’t want your stinking income tax” did you not understand? We don’t care how you divide it. You did nothing to cut costs and until you do, keep your dirty hands out of our wallets.


One Response to “‘We Don’t Want Your Stinking Income Tax’”

  1. pajkaki Says:

    Here in Ohio we have State Income tax, County Income Tax, (most) School Districts have Income Tax and who knows, there’s probably “thumb tax and carpet tax”. The state collects them all and passes it back (so I’m told) to the local districts. I guess a long time ago, some well-intentioned citizens voted for them…now its like having mice in your house, you almost can’t get rid of them!

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