The Property Tax Grab

There was a time when the U.S. government gave land to people. These days, local governments use land as another excuse to grab money from the people’s wallets.

I know because we received our latest mortgage statement this week, and it includes the year-to-date taxes paid for all of 2007. The total: $4,363.92.


The good news is that Uncle Sam currently offers a tax write-off for property taxes. But I’d just as leave have the money to spend on the many home repairs we can’t afford because the government makes us pay so much for the privilege of home ownership.


One Response to “The Property Tax Grab”

  1. pajkaki Says:

    You’re right of course, property taxes are one of the many ways the Government has to separate you from your money! Interestingly, the whole system works differently in different states…making it very difficult to compare from place to place. For example, here in Ohio, where I live, the property tax is used for local schools. However, if that’s not enough (and it usually isn’t), the school districts have the right to ask the voters to levy an INCOME TAX on themselves. Most do! It’s 1% in my school district.

    What ever happened to the lottery being the savior of our schools?

    Talk about an unfair tax…ever since I have lived in this school district (or state – Ohio) I have never had children in public schools. Yet I have faithfully paid the property tax AND the one percent income tax, even though I voted against them every time they came up.

    Who represents the childless or retired people in this state? Talk about your silent minority. …and you think you’ve got taxation without representation?

    But that’s the way of the country and state, just grin and bear it!!!

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