Communications Don’t Come Cheaply

Late last year, the Comcast “Triple Play” — telephone, television and high-speed Internet service rolled into one bill at a lower introductory price — finally came to our area. I had been waiting months for a chance to try it.

I’m not whether sure we’re saving any money on taxes as a result of the lower communications bill, however. We pay five — count ’em, five — different taxes, surcharges or fees every month.

Here’s the combined tally from our first two bills, one that covers Dec. 16-Jan. 15 and the other that runs from Jan. 16 to Feb. 15 (just got it in the mail today):
— Universal (connectivity charge): $1.51
— Digital voice (taxes, surcharges and fees): $6.67
— FCC reg fee: 12 cents
— Virginia communications (sales tax): $3.30
— Rights-of-way use (fee): $1.34

Total: $12.94


One Response to “Communications Don’t Come Cheaply”

  1. pajkaki Says:

    These “fees” on communications are truly “Taxation without Representation”, they are mostly imposed by the FCC and are not codified in any law. Unfortunately regulations imposed by federal agencies have the effect of law, so there you go…what’s truly interesting is that these taxes and fees are mostly imposed on the SUPPLIER not the user, Comcast just passes them on to you!!!! But what can you do, its the American way! Pay up or don’t participate!!!!!

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