Hidden Taxes

Some retailers don’t make it easy to calculate the tax hit for the things we buy.

 When I bought a newspaper at 7-Eleven last week, for instance, I paid 53 cents rather than just the 50 cents price of the newspaper. But when I bought them from vending machines this week, I paid only 50 cents. And when my son went to a movie with friends tonight, he paid $7 for a ticket and $2.50 for a soda. No taxes were added to the tab.

That doesn’t necessarily mean such goods and services are tax-free. The retailers are just eating the cost, and we taxpayers have to think harder about what piece the government is getting.

This blog exists to think about taxes, so I’ll be tracking those hidden taxes along with the obvious ones, to the best of my ability.

This week’s cost of hidden sales taxes imposed on our family: 56 cents (plus the $7.41 cents in gasoline taxes).


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