The Cost Of Commuting Just Went Up

I hate that it takes me more than an hour one way to commute to work each day. I hate even more that I have to pay the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority so much of my hard-earned money to make that commute.

Starting this month, that bureaucratic body started taking a much bitter bite out of my wallet by raising the fares on Metro rail.

Last year, I paid $2.85 one way to commute from the Dunn Loring station in Virginia to Foggy Bottom, the first stop in the District of Columbia. The price tag just jumped to $3.40. That’s a fare hike of about 20 percent — and that’s ridiculous!

The Metro portion of my commute alone now will cost $5.50 more a week, or more than $20 a month. Add that to the $3-plus I pay each week in gasoline taxes and the exorbitant sales tax on restaurant meals in the city, and you’ll get a sense of how much money the federal, state and local governments rob from commuters every day.

The Metro rate hike is particularly offensive when Metro’s service is getting worse. I personally haven’t experienced much bad service, but plenty of others obviously have. I don’t like the higher fares, but Metro at least had better use its newfound windfall wisely to address customer complaints and improve the system.


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