The War On Taxes

“No taxation without representation!” That was the battle cry of American colonists in the mid-1700s as the British crown imposed tax after tax upon people who had no recourse to stop them. Their outrage ultimately inspired the American Revolution and thus the United States of America was born.

Well, it has been more than 200 years since that glorious revolution begat the greatest democracy in history. How has the “representation” worked out for your tax bill? My guess is that it hasn’t been so great — and I aim to prove it with this blog.

The colonists griped about a few measly taxes on stamps and tea, but Uncle Sam and his brothers in state and local governments across America take a bite out of our wallets every chance they get. They tax our salaries, our savings, our investments, our food, our gasoline, our utilities, our property, our luxuries and much more.

Some people in this land of liberty can’t even die without the “revenuers” of the IRS sticking out their hands for a big piece of the inheritance pie.

Has taxation with representation really been all that great for America? I don’t think so. And I aim to help quantify the depth of the problem here by keeping a diary of just how much money the government takes from one American family in a year’s time. Every time we pay a tax, I’ll report it here on this blog.

You can play along, too. Report and track your own tax bills by posting comments to each blog entry. And send me your tax tales — the nightmare bills you have faced at the hands of a government that just can’t seem to get enough of our money.

The idea here isn’t to suggest that taxation without representation was somehow better than the democracy we have today. Rather, my goal is to inspire the descendants of the great patriots who fought for a representative government to take note of just how much we have let our government tax us even though we have the power to stop them.

The American colonists fought a war on tyrants. Now it’s time for America to fight a war on taxes.


3 Responses to “The War On Taxes”

  1. pajkaki Says:

    As a retired (federal ) government accountant (and your father-in-law) I have mixed emotions about taxes in general. Mixed because they provided me with a good living over the years and a comfortable retirement. So its difficult for me to complain about the existence of taxes. Are they too high? Sure! Are there too many (some hidden)? absolutely! Do we have taxation WITH representation? Positively NOT! Can you call your Senator or Representative (federal, state or local) and get a tax repealed? Or even considered for repeal? Of course not! Government is too big, too cumbersome and ponderous. It probably will end up being one of those “grin and bear it” kind of things for all of us.

  2. mdb002 Says:

    You should have a grand total on the weekly tax bite page.

  3. The Enlightened Redneck » Send A Teabag To Washington Says:

    […] motto of British colonists more than 200 years ago, was my declaration of a new war on taxes — and a reminder that the taxes our “representatives” slap on us are far more […]

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